TC & Co Consulting has been reinvented into a modern day solution that allows us to truly work as part of your team. Our team will immerse themselves in your business. Our team can operate remotely, working virtually, so you don't require an extra person on your premises, simple, straighforward and cost effective in every sense.

We provide comprehensive services to small and medium businesses across Australia. Our goal is to build your trust and reliance on us to get your day to day in line with the vision for your business, so you can focus on providing the clarity and leadership required to build your successful business. 

 We are ready to tackle any financial challenges that you may have. What has worked in the past might not be your optimal solution moving forward and we are here to find that right fit for you. 



Accounting Tasks
Team Meeting


Enabling Quality

Getting the outputs from your business operations and inputting them into your accounting data is the most crucial aspect to getting the right information to your fingertips, accurately and timely. Converting data into fast, efficient and accurate transactions is our key strength. We rely on technology to enable efficiency and transparency, keeping costs down and your business processes robust.


Piece of Mind

We don't expect you to be expert in all areas of your business and you don't know what you don't know. Let us bring the technical accounting skill set into your team, one you wont need to manage or have reliance on one key person in your organisation. Outsourcing this means we are responsible for delivering accurate and timely financial reports and analysis month on month.


Giving you Insights

We check in on your financial performance and position and debrief with you on key insights. We get two way feedback and ensure the numbers tell the story about how your business is performing month to month, year on year. We are your sounding board and right hand in making the right business decisions from well thought through analysis and modelling.



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